Does your resume mean business?

Executive resume writing services for a power career move, in Singapore and beyond.

Keyword-rich. ATS-optimized. 100% human-friendly.​

A top-of-the-line resume writing service pays for itself. Why?

We live in a world of rich media today but nothing penetrates the human psyche like laser-sharp writing.

A masterfully crafted executive resume may well be your most important piece of financial asset.

After all, which other investment in recent memory has the ability to give you up to 1,000%++ return in 12 months?

An effective resume gives you tremendous power to:

Open the right doors – because it’s written to the job you want.

Control the conversation – because it elicits questions YOU have the answers to.

Maximise your earning power – it can mean a $10,000 to $100,000++ salary difference when you accurately demonstrate your ROI.

Most resumes, however...

Are bland, chock-full of cliches and fail to capture one’s leadership qualities.

Focus only on “what” instead of “so what?”

Are so outdated in form and content you can almost feel the layer of dust on it. 

Drown the reader in a sea of text – nothing pops off the page.


More people tend to undersell instead of oversell themselves.

While misrepresentation is a genuine concern hiring managers and recruiters have, the truth is that the great majority of jobseekers tend to undersell themselves by not accurately and BOLDLY capturing their value. Result? They shortchange themselves of opportunities they were well qualified for, and deprive the world of their service.


You CAN market yourself persuasively without having to sound like someone else.

The most effective resume takes what you already have and gives it the spotlight it deserves. It’s about emphasis, not exaggeration. The confidence that stems from projecting your authentic self is priceless, especially during the interview – and at the negotiation table.

4 Commandments of a Great Resume


Never exaggerates but emphasises - with clarity, impact and brevity.


Is fixated on answering one question: "So what?"


Not only contains the right keywords but speaks to an industry's pain points.

No fluff, no frills

Cuts to the chase - no cliches, fillers or "snazzy" graphics to compensate for poor content.

Do any of these sound like you?

“The thought of compressing 15, 20 years’ experience on paper is overwhelming. Where do I start?”

“How do I show people what I’ve achieved, without sounding sales-y and full of myself?”

“I just feel like what I’ve written isn’t an accurate picture of all that I’ve achieved.” 

“The last time I wrote a resume was for my first job. I’ve never needed another…till now.”

“I’ve got no problem pitching in person…I just don’t do so well expressing myself on paper.”

“The jobs I apply for fit me to a tee…but I don’t get enough callbacks.”  

“I just can’t seem to find the right language to highlight my strengths.”

“I’m getting interviews…for all the wrong jobs!”

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We help you WIN THE GAME by:

Developing a writing strategy that brands you powerfully (it’s all about the “sticky” factor.)

Highlighting and articulating the right information as proof of your exceptional ROI.

Using keyword optimisation and compliant formatting standards to overcome the hurdle of the applicant tracking system (ATS).

Applying oven-fresh, zero-fluff language to create high readability and maximum impact.



You want a proven resume strategist to handle all the word work from A to Z

NOT someone who flips you a questionnaire and expects you to do the heavy-lifting

You value a highly collaborative, 1:1 approach held to the highest standards

NOT agencies that farm you out to outsourced, unqualified writers who leave you hanging

You want a positive return on your investment

NOT a bargain-priced service