If a job is a business contract, your resume has to pitch, NOT document.

1. Substance

It's not about documenting all the tasks you've ever performed, it's about demonstrating PROOF of your exceptional ROI.

2. Strategy

It's not about how much you can stuff the page with, it's about what - and how much - the reader catches.

3. Style

It's not about using stiff, formal language encrusted with jargon to sound impressive. It's about making it effortless to read.

Think about this - the only point of reference your prospective employer has of you is your resume, at least at first. So that resume has to be an accurate snapshot of you. Search is still very much textual for the simple reason that it's far easier to scan words than a video. With all our rich media now, everything still rises and falls on the written word.
Recruiter from Singapore-based tech search firm

More people tend to undersell instead of oversell themselves.

While exaggeration  and misrepresentation is a genuine concern hiring managers and recruiters have, the truth is that the great majority of jobseekers tend to undersell themselves  – by not accurately  presenting themselves on paper. Result? They shortchange themselves.


You CAN market yourself persuasively without having to pretend to be someone else.

The most effective resume   captures exactly  what you’ve done and what value you offer – nothing more, nothing less.  The confidence that comes with  the ability to project your real self is of immeasurable  value – especially when you get to the interview table.

A poorly written resume can cost you easily $100,000 and more over a lifetime in missed opportunities for career progression. Ultimately, it will cost you something infinitely more valuable - the freedom to pursue your career aspirations.

Do any of these sound like you?

“The thought of putting down 15, 20 years of experience down on paper is overwhelming. Where do I even start?” 

“I don’t do so well expressing myself on paper but once I get my foot in the door, I have no problem pitching.”

“I’ve been sending out job applications…but I don’t hear back much.”

“The last time I wrote a resume was for my first job. I’ve never needed another…till now.”

“I just can’t seem to find the right language to capture my strengths and achievements.”

“I’m getting interviews…for all the wrong jobs!”


No more guesswork, no more tinkering endlessly not knowing if you’re doing it right. Throw out everything you EVER knew about resume writing and   take it from one who has  helped  1,000+  high-calibre professionals   make the best career moves of their lives with laser-sharp, on-target  resumes.   

Nadine Yong

Founder, The Resume Builder Singapore

Certification Committee Member,

Certified Professional Resume Writers

Career Coach, Global Career Development Facilitator

How this ROI-obsessed resume writer will help you WIN THE GAME:

Pinpoint your  USP, brand and commercial value  in a way that gives proof of your exceptional ROI.

Overcome the hurdle of the   applicant tracking system (ATS) with keyword optimization strategies.

Use   fresh, zero-fluff language  so your value truly stands out.

My 4 commandments of a winning resume

If you agree with these, we really should be working together.


A winning resume never exaggerates but emphasises - with clarity, impact and brevity


A winning resume is focused on answering one question:
"So what?"


A winning resume speaks to the pain points of a specific function/industry

No fluff, no frills

A great resume cuts to the chase without stacking of cliches, filler words or "snazzy" graphics.

In other words, let your work speak for itself.