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The Resume Builder provides a Singapore-based resume consultancy service assisting job-seekers in crafting a winning CV for the local job market.

Simply put, we help you build an engaging personal brand that paves the way for a professional connection. The building blocks—words, carefully chosen, artfully constructed. The raw ingredients—your experience, achievements, anecdotes, skills, qualifications.

Our experienced resume consultant, Nadine Yong, is a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches who has helped craft strong resumes and cover letters for clients both locally and internationally (including Malaysia, the Philippines, USA, India and Africa), across various industries.

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Client Testimonials

Our satisfied clients range from middle management professionals and fresh graduates to CEOs, managers and high-level executives.

The Resume Builder aims to help tailor your job search documents to your career goals, whether you are seeking advancement in your field, pursuing a career change or re-entering the job market.

Here’s what they have to say about The Resume Builder:

David T., senior position in hospitality management (September 2014)
It was worth every penny paying to getting my resume done professionally. She made the time to really understand my current and past jobs to make a good resume. She was approachable, and very patient with me to revise my resume, which just kept getting better!! Bottom line if you have trouble to decide which “Resume writing company” to select, just go for this one!!

If I can be satisfied, so will most people.

Joe, patent professional/ legal practice (August 2014)
 Nadine was very professional. She was able to distill my long working history into powerful statements, each statement delivering a powerful message to my prospective employer. In a very short time, I got a job interview with my targeted employer, leading to a job offer. I highly recommend her services. 

Leonard C., Senior IT Consultant (April 2014)
 I have had the pleasure of engaging Ms Yong’s professional services and I found her to be very responsive and very approachable. The way she improved my CV was a complete 360 degree turnaround from my old CV.

My background is IT yet she was able to merge the business and technical aspects in my CV in a very cohesive and understandable way to non-IT personnel.

I would not hesitate to use her services again or recommend her  if an opportunity presents itself.

Karen Phua, Property Services Manager (February 2014)
 I am very impressed with Nadine’s ability to brush up my old resume. The new resume really gave me confidence in sending out job applications to prospective employers. She was not just able to highlight my strengths but draw relevance to the specific job I was applying to.
Aaron N., Engineer (October 2013)
There was a much better structure, clearer organization of information, and the choice of words used was clear and concise. Nadine gave 110% effort into the job. Despite her very limited knowledge about the scope and nature of my work, she worked tirelessly with me to draw out key information and strengths to customize my CV, just as if she were a fellow colleague in the industry.

She perfectly captured all the key points and important skills recruiters look for in the oilfield industry, and I was able to market myself my effectively. Upon reading the new version of my CV, I felt as though my career profile had been given a new breath of life.

Victoria, Corporate Communications/ Public Relations (December 2012)
I was going through a phase where I wanted to make a career switch. On my own, my resume didn’t appeal to any employer. I wrote in my applications to many employers and through many job sites. But nothing worked in my favour. Until I met The Resume Builder’s consultant. She spoke to me, asked me what I want as a career and she built my strengths, experiences and achievements and gave my resume a total makeover.

The next thing I knew, employers were shortlisting me for interviews.

That’s when I realized the importance of a resume. It’s the impression and the hope you give potential employers for the job they are about to fill. On my own, I couldn’t have achieved it. Resume Builder helped me pave my way to a successful career switch. Thank you! I’ll recommend their services to anyone – anytime!