Fully Done-For-You


CV / Resume  |  Optimised LinkedIn Profile  |  Executive Bio  |  E-notes*

*Cover letters? They went out of fashion. Long ago. 


  • Development of executive brand and writing strategy
  • End-to-end content creation, structuring and keyword integration
  • Seamless consultative process that digs deep to uncover your achievements and leadership nuances. 
  • Weaving in of critical themes and critical capabilities to springboard into board and private equity opportunities

Investment: SGD1,200 – 2,000

If your resume is your sales brochure, your LinkedIn profile is your billboard on the highway of the corporate marketplace. The TRB LinkedIn profile creation framework:

  • Boosts your search visibility by optimising the 4 critical fields with keyword-rich content
  • Creates brand “stickiness” through a subtle but powerful shift from “approval-seeking” mode to authoritative writing that positions you as the leader you are.

Investment: SGD800

A highly strategic branding and marketing tool for networking and prospecting purposes i.e. when there is no clearly defined opportunity. 

The efficacy of an executive bio lies in its thematic structure which qualifies you for consideration based on your achievements, expertise and personal values, beyond the job titles you’ve held. 

Investment: SGD950

  • Executive CV / resume 
  • Optimised LinkedIn profile
  • Executive bio 
  • E-notes (2X)
  • 30-minute coaching session (3X) – latest 

Investment: SGD2,500 – 3,000  

Personalised, elegantly crafted email / InMail pitches that support your outreach efforts by turning cold prospects into warm leads. “Cover letters” as we know it to be, have absolutely no place in today’s digital, attention-scarce world.

Only available with purchase of resume or package services. 



Get to know you

Book a 20-minute free consult.

The aim:
  • Pinpoint your career needs
  • Identify critical roadblocks
  • Ascertain if we’re a fit.
You will receive: 
  • A detailed resume review 
  • Definitive service quotation
  • General project timeline. 

Once you decide to proceed, you will sign off on the agreement and make a 50% deposit – after which we will finalise your project kickoff date. 


Research + deep dive

We start with a comprehensive video call. You do not need to fill up lengthy questionnaires, EVER (it’s my job to work the words.)

I will:
  • Conduct extensive industry + market research
  • Ask all the right questions to elicit quality raw data 
  • Get into the weeds of your work – at a strategic and tactical level. 
The aim: 
  • Uncover your greatest hits 
  • Nail the thematic elements of your brand (“rule of 3’s”) to create a distinctive executive profile 
  • Align what you offer with what you’re looking for. 
Your role:
  • Give me 60 – 90 minutes of undivided attention. 



This is where the magic takes place. Five days, one solid draft - your career story distilled, sharpened and retold in crisp, telegraphic-style writing.

Want to highlight your strategic leadership chops or business savvy? What were the most pressing problems your company faced and how did you make a difference? Why did it matter and how did it translate into business outcomes?

What's your X factor?

This is storytelling X business copywriting at the highest level.


Proofread + polish

Here is where we run through the draft with a fine-toothed comb for typos, factual inaccuracies, and inconsistencies.

Most importantly, we take an already solid draft and crisp it up even more.

Perfection is the name of the game.


Wrap up

Once we've finalised the documents and you're fully satisfied with the end product, I'll collect the remaining 50% from you.

Congratulations - you're now armed and ready to kick your search campaign into high gear - with a calling card that speaks to your dream employer's needs.


You need a top-flight copywriter.

…your Archilles Heel is writing.

You need a professional copywriter and a communications specialist who powers up your brand through the written word – one who not only understands the hiring funnel but HOW BUSINESS VALUE IS CREATED. Because it’s all about conveying your economic worth.

Nadine sits on the certification committee of the Certified Professional Resume Writers association. When you engage her, you are working with the best in career marketing & communications – globally.

…you don’t want to spend your time laboring over a questionnaire (the typical method of data collection for many resume writing services). Because if you’re paying for a writing service, you shouldn’t have to do any of it yourself. 

Nadine combines a seamless journalistic approach and a nose for good story angles with a sound line of questioning to get a solid of who you are as a person and mine for valuable raw data – all done via a targeted video call session.

Yes, the process is entirely unscalable for us. But it’s uncompromisingly effective for our clients. 

You want someone to handle all the heavy lifting.

You want results, not a bargain-priced freelance service.

…you want fully personalised, top-of-the-line support. 

If you’re looking for a big-name agency with an army of writers to pick from, you’ve come to the wrong place. 

At TRB, you work 1:1 with Nadine. 

What this means: You do not get pawned off to inexperienced writers, you do not risk information getting leaked out, and you pay purely for the work done, not for rent, overheads, commissions or other corporate “frills.”

I have to meet this person.

This is the holy grail in resume writing - a branding tool that nails your value so succinctly the reader is compelled to reach out to you. Pronto. 


Verbatim & unsolicited.

Stop wasting time working with mass-market writing services that DON'T DELIVER.
Invest in your career and and start capturing the right attention.