Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need someone to write my resume or CV for me?

Contrary to popular belief, most job-seekers undersell rather than oversell themselves.

Blind spots exist not just in your rear-view mirror. Sometimes, it takes a trained professional to spot gaps and pinpoint shortfalls in your resume in order to help you create a strategic, personal marketing document tailored to your career goal.


What if I'm not satisfied with the end result?

Satisfaction guaranteed resume writing service SingaporeIf you are not satisfied with the end product, let us know within seven days after the final draft has been delivered, and you will get a FULL refund of your payment. You will also get to keep whatever work has been done on your résumé (alternatively, if you are thoroughly satisfied with our service, please write us your glowing review on our Facebook page or drop us an email).

What does the price include?

Personalization is what we're all about, which actually starts before you pay us a single cent—from the moment you submit your résumé  for a free evaluation. We don't say that just because selling a personalized product sounds good, but because it's IMPOSSIBLE to have an effective résumé if it is not tailored to your own experience and skills.

The price you pay goes toward the time, effort and expertise needed to create a customized marketing document that aims to do one thing—sell you.

This includes the groundwork of dismantling your existing resume, poking and picking at every sentence to trim it down or beef it up, turbo-charging a routine description with the right vocabulary ...

A crucial part of the whole process is the data-mining session with every client. It is during this session when many clients discover that they are, in fact, worth more than they believe themselves to be.

A well-written résumé opens doors that may shape your entire career trajectory.

We do not use templates.

We do not use questionnaires (we think if a potential client can express himself that well on paper, he wouldn't need us in the first place).

We do not charge you for making modifications or revisions if you receive negative responses from hiring executives or recruiters subsequent to sending out your résumé.

Also, you own the entire copyright of the documents for which you have paid, straight up. With the electronic versions of the documents, you can make your own edits in future or even reproduce it on your other personal/ professional branding platforms and marketing collateral.

Why don't you have free templates for job-seekers to spruce up their resume?

A résumé is a highly personal piece of document, customized to your industry and function as well as your unique professional profile.

Are you in a career transition? How do you align your professional profile as closely as possible to the industry you are planning to enter?

What sort of career progression have you had? If you've only had one employer, how do you portray that in the most constructive, attractive way?

What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? How do you distill your whole career down to a keyword-rich summary?

Are you concerned about age discrimination? What are some ways to give your résumé a "face-lift"—without any embellishments?

These are just several issues your résumé consultant will uncover in the course of working with you on your new résumé.

Using cookie cutter templates very often give the user a detrimental sense of security that he or she has done the necessary. After all, they are using a template endorsed by a professional résumé writing firm. The truth is, these templates are typically as ill-fitting as the $3 jacket you got from last Sunday's bargain market. Even if it is a fairly good fit for your career profile, it will not help your application stand out from the pile.

What's more, hiring managers scan through hundreds of résumés on a regular basis; they know a template design when they see one.

I worry about sharing my personal information with a stranger.

The Resume Builder maintains a strict confidentiality clause with every client. No information disclosed between yourself and our resume consultant will be shared with any third party for any purpose under any circumstance, unless you consent to it.