Our Services

Resume Creation/Revamp


A well-crafted resume provides an accurate snapshot of your career profile while capitalizing on your qualifications, experience and achievements to help you put your best foot forward when you meet with a prospective employer.

Beyond being grammatically perfect, a competitive resume is visually appealing, with the relevant and pertinent information structured coherently.

The Process
The Resume Builder is committed to providing a highly-customized service to every client. This means that when you submit your resume for a complimentary, no-obligations evaluation by our professional resume consultants, you will not get a cookie-cutter answer.

What you will get


A frank assessment of how your resume can be further improved or strengthened, along with a price quotation.

Upon confirmation of payment, there will be a face-to-face or a phone correspondence, depending on client’s convenience and availability, for purposes of information gathering, clarification of details and conducting a target-gap analysis, among others.

Our resume writing process is a highly collaborative and personalized one for the sole purpose of ensuring the quality of raw data used to produce the end product. Contrary to common perception, most people tend to undersell rather than oversell their strengths and accomplishments.

For the purposes of fine-tuning and revision, three drafts will be sent to the client via e-mail.

The job will take about one week to complete, barring any lag in communication between the resume consultant and the client.

Our Rates

Our client range from fresh graduates to mid and senior executive roles.

Given the highly specialized nature of service provided as well as the varying degrees of complexity of each client’s career profile, exact prices are quoted upon application. Do drop us an e-mail at info@resumebuilder.com.sg and we will be happy to assist you with your enquiries and furnish you with further information.

Payment is accepted via ATM transfer, cash or PayPal (applicable even for non-PayPal members) before services are rendered.

Cover Letter

Far from being an afterthought or a casual accompaniment to your resume, a cover letter is one of the job applicant’s most powerful tools in distinguishing himself from the competition.

Four benefits of a well-crafted cover letter:

  • It showcases your personality, thus helping you to make a personal connection with the reader.
  • It demonstrates your professionalism.
  • It conveys a genuine interest in the position.
  • It further substantiates the contents of your resume.
Prospecting Letter

Put yourself ahead of the competition.

Knock on doors that are off the typical jobseeker’s radar with a prospecting letter. You don’t always have to wait for the recruitment ad to appear before taking the first step.

An impressionable prospecting letter, also known as a letter of interest, highlights two things:

  • That you know what you are looking for, and
  • The value you can offer to your target company.
LinkedIn Profile Creation / Polishing

In the past few decades, our world is increasingly driven by online presence. There are pros and cons to this trend (for lack of a better word; virtualization is here to stay but trends typically come and go).

Having an optimized LinkedIn profile creates instant visibility and conveys a sense of verification. The “con” part comes when your digital persona is not well maintained, much like an overgrown lawn or a shabby house porch; the interior of the house may be spanking clean and tidy, but the first impression has already fallen short of a positive one.

Check in with our resume consultant on creating an optimized LinkedIn profile today—especially if you are in the IT or finance industry.